September 3 - September 14, 2017

Helsinki Art Workshop

Unique Art Workshop in a Beautiful Island Studio

Perfect place and perfect time: Helsinki Design Week and 2017 Is Finland's Centennial

Limited to 10 artists

Why Us?

This workshop is for artists who are looking for a culturally unique instructional experience in an exceptional island setting to inspire, develop and enhance their work.  With a limit of 10 students in an intimate setting, you will receive substantial individual and group instruction with the instructor. 

This is for students who also appreciate a workshop which is designed with independent days and time between classes. There are 5 class days spread over 11 days. Helsinki is a friendly and easy to navigate city providing you with the opportunity to explore its world class arts and design culture and beautiful natural wonder. 

If you are excited about adding another dimension to your art and equally excited about the opportunity to explore the wonderful city of Helsinki and Finland, then you should consider this workshop.

What a combo!

Develop your art and experience 

Helsinki's Design Week and Finland's Centennial Year.


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Walking on Harakka Island
Walking on Harakka Island
Harakka Island, home of the workshop
Harakka Island, home of the workshop
Sirkku, Your Instructor
Sirkku, Your Instructor

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